Throughout my life I have been involved with Rough Collies and numerous other pets of differing types secretly nurturing a desire that one day I would be able to have a litter of puppies, I have been breeding Birman cats for about 14 years.

After my marriage to Graham, and having numerous pets including two adorable Rough Collies a family quickly followed, our five children born between the years 1997 and 2003. It was after the birth of the fifth child that we decided to try and make my dreams and animal ambitions become reality.

My first couple of choices for a kennel name were turned down so our 3rd choice GATAJ, the initials of each of our five children, was chosen for both Rough Collies and Birman Cats.

After searching long and hard for a suitable breeder to provide the type of Rough Collie we wanted to promote we were lucky enough to come into contact with Gill Brown (Atendus) who has been an exemplary example to us and has also become a very close friend to me.  Gill gave us the opportunity of having our first Rough Collie Puppy, Maddie (Atendus Maid of Surprises), on breeding terms, something for which I shall be eternally grateful.

Following a successful mating with Gill’s Atendus French Franc, Maddie produced a healthy litter on 08.06.2010, from which we chose to keep Willow (GATAJ Willow of Surprises); a puppy who we hoped would go on to be the foundation for future GATAJ puppies.

During a visit to Gills house I saw my first Blue Merle puppy and was instantly smitten as this puppy was already spoken for Gill put me in touch with Sue Steele (Moyles) and soon I was the proud owner of my own Blue Merle Puppy, Maisie (Moyles Mistletoe N Kisses). Again thanks to both of them for providing me with this opportunity.

The showing of Rough Collies had not really been on my agenda but, following an introduction from Gill to John and Margaret Congdon (Aaronwell) and several talks with all three of them I began to take the topic more and more seriously. I would like to thank all of them for the help and advice given, and I would like to think taken.

The first show we entered was the WECS Open Show in April 2011 judged by Mrs Sue Randall. Willow was entered in Puppy Bitch and Maisie in Post Graduate Bitch. To our utter delight and amazement we were awarded a second and first placing respectively. Well, we were hooked.

We have continued and enjoyed to attend many shows, meeting and befriending many acquaintances along the way. We would take this opportunity of thanking all the judges concerned for the many placings awarded and for giving us ’newcomers a chance’. Special thanks must go as well to all the people we have met and friends made who have been so helpful and welcoming.

DOB:  08.06.2010
Atendus French Franc X Atendus Maid of Surprises

Willow has gained many firsts and BOB at numerous Open Shows and has always been placed at Championship Level. On return to the show scene Willow in particular has enjoyed continued success. This year alone she has gained a third place at Midland Collie, a second place at British Collie, a third place at Crufts and a first place at Collie Club of Wales. All of these awards coming in Post Graduate Bitch classes.

On 04.06.2012, Jubilee Day, Willow gave birth to one very special puppy which just had to be named
Gataj Jubilee of Surprises (Brooke).

At Crufts 2015, (photo above) Willow once again amazed us all by gaining her second consecutive first place at Crufts, this year being in Limit Bitch.
Sincerest thanks to Judge Mrs Brenda Cooney for awarding Willow this placement and once again making this a special occasion for all at Gataj.


Willow - Photos below taken October 2016 - eight months after having a litter

DOB: 22.12.2007
Atendus Made Step By Step x Antoc Moonlight ‘N’ Roses At Moyles

Maisie although shown more sparingly has also gained consistent placings both at Open and Championship Level. Both Maisie and Willow have had 10 months away from the show scene to successfully bring up their respective litters.

Maisie has enjoyed a return to the ring gaining BOB under Pam Cornish.

DOB:    04.06.2012
Garbh Ghillie of Aaronwell x Gataj Willow of Surprises  

Brooke so far, has been unbeaten in all  breed classes entered, gaining seven firsts in seven open shows. Brooke has also achieved PG1 on four occasions, PG2 on three occasions with one BOB, two RBIB and one RBPIS. At Championship Level she gained a first place in Minor Puppy Bitch at British Collie on 02.03.2013.


Brooke - September 2015


And Brooke’s daughter:- 

Sire: Monsolana Black Milan For Aaronwell x Dam: Gataj Jubilee Of Surprises

At her first Championship Show, National Working and Pastoral Breeds, Keila was awarded second place in Minor Puppy Bitch under Judge Miss L Pettitt,, qualifying her for Crufts 2016. Grateful thanks for this placement.

This was to be followed at her first Open Show, Minehead and District Canine Society, by her winning Post Graduate Bitch, Best Puppy and Pastoral Puppy Group 1. 


Keila - September 2015

Photos October 2015 - aged 9 months

September 2016 - We were delighted and so proud of our Keila, who at Darlington Ch Show won Yearling bitch under respected judge Mr Frank Kane, then went on to receive the BCC. We can’t thank him enough to award us this honour

Above photos taken at Ayrshire Collie Club October 2016 - aged 21 months
RCC Irish Collie Club Ch Show - September 2017
RCC - Belfast - September 2017

Moyles Mistletoe N Kisses x Ch Chelborn Kiss’N Tell
DOB 21.05.13

At her first show at Manchester 18.01.2014 she came 1st in the puppy bitch class. Many thanks to judge Sue Randall


Photos taken October 2015 - at two years and four months old


DOB 25.05.13
Gataj Willow of Surprises x Lynmead Love In My Soul

At The Collie Club Of Wales Championship Show (05.04.14) ‘Charm was awarded 2nd place in Junior Bitch, many thanks to Judge Mr Alan Clarke.

This was followed at WECS Open Show on 06.04.14 by her winning the Puppy Bitch class and going on to be awarded Best Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy In Breed, Best Bitch, Reserve Best of Breed and Best Puppy In Show. Grateful thanks to Judge Mrs Anita Franks-Fox for making this a memorable day.


For more of Charm's show wins and critiques
see here



Geko de Midland Valley x Gataj Willow of Surprises

Photos taken at Ayrshire Collie Club October 2016 - 7.5 months

Below May 2017 aged 14 months

Working & Pastoral April 2017 1st JD, Judge M Morgan, Lancs & Cheshire 1st JD, 2nd GD Judge Mr G Hyde, CA Open JD 1st, Smooth Open, JD 1st, 3 Counties, JD 1st, GD 1st, Judge Mrs E Peach, London Collie, JD 2nd, GD 1st, Judge Mr P Farrall, Border Union, JD 1st, Judge Mrs C Casling, and Blackpool JD 1st, YD 2nd Judge Sheila Hall. WECS Judge Mrs Purcell Carpenter 1st JD, EACA, judge Mr B House, 1st JD, Paignton, 1st JD judge Mr J Chorley

So proud that he achieved his Junior Warrant by 14 months,  by 16 months he has had 22 firsts at Ch shows and 5 firsts at Open shows. Many thanks to all the judges that have placed him.

Photos above September 2018 when Beau won Best Dog, Best of Breed and Best in Show at London Collie Club Open Show - Judge Mr D Brown
1st MLD - London and Provincial Collie Club Ch Show - November 2018
Midland Counties 2018 - 2nd LD

Honky Tonk Man of River Tweed x Beldones Duchess of Dreams
Photos May 2017 aged 9 months
Photos July 2017 aged 11 months
Photo above September 2018


Prince of Sunlight Sweetest Smile x Prince of Sunlight Just For Me

We are so pleased that at his first show Jimmy got 1st in MPD maiden and novice, then went in to get Best Puppy Dog, thank you to Jozsef Scalzinger for this lovely boy and big thanks to judge Mr Phil Amos,

We were delighted at Northumberland and Durham, Jimmy getting 1st Puppy, 1st Novice, then PD, BPIB the BPIS. Massive thanks to judge Tony Iley. Then at W & PB Of Wales he got 1st Puppy, 1st Novice and BPD, thank you to judge Lena Newman. The next day at the combined show, at Collie Association Open, he was BPD, BPIP and BPIS thank you to judge Josh Blackburn, and at SCC of GB he was BPD, RBD, BPIP and BPIS, thank you to judge Mr John Geddes, and BIS judges Vanessa Cronk and Anne Hollywood.

At Lancashire and Cheshire Ch Show May 2018, we were delighted that under judge Derek Smith, Jimmy got 1st PD, Maiden and Novice (photo below)

Scottish Kennel 2nd Puppy, Bath 1st Junior 1st novice judge Mrs T Goodwin.
Three Counties 1st Junior judge Mr M E Taylor
London Collie 1st Junior Mrs A White
Border Union 1st Junior Judge Mrs Duna Jones
1st YD - London and Provincial Collie Club Ch Show - November 2018
Midland Counties 2018 - 1st PGD

We are very proud of Jimmy who obtained his JW at the age of 15 months, thanks to all judges who made this possible


Prince of Sunlight Sweetest Smile x Prince of Sunlight Just For Me

At her first show - British Collie Club Ch Show - March 2018 - 3rd Puppy Bitch, 3rd maiden and 2nd novice

3rd at W &PB Of Wales and 2nd Novice, thank you to judge Lena Newman, and Ist PB, 1st Novice  and BPB at Collie Association, thanks to judge Josh Blackburn and 1st in PB and BPB at Smooth Collie of GB, thanks judge Mr John Geddes



Geko de Midland Valley (Imp Fra) x Heather Locklear Du Clos De Sea-Wind (Imp Fra)

Many thanks to Odile and Brian Hawkins for letting this bomb proof girl come and live with us.  Who at her first show Collie Club of Wales Ch Show under judge Vanessa Cronk got 1st in MPB. At her second ch show at Northumberland and Durham, she got 1st under Judge Doris Mcdade in MPB, at her third Ch show Lancashire and Cheshire under judge Mrs Viv Anderton. she got 3rd in PB.
Thank you to the judges

1st Puppy and BPB at Three Counties judge Mr M E Taylor, then 1st Puppy and BPB at Border Union judge Duna Jones.
We were delighted to receive the RCC at Border Union, massive thanks and appreciation to Judge Duna Jones

Jealous Guy du Clos de Seawind x Riverside Song Julia

1st Bournemouth MPD
1st SKC MPD Margo Walker
BPIS at Yorkshire Collie
RBD/BPIS - WECS Open Show - September 2018
BPD/RBD/RBOB/BPIB/BPIS - London Collie Club Open Show - September 2018
1st PD/BPD and 1st JD and ND - London and Provincial Collie Club Ch Show - November 2018
LKA December 2018 - 2nd JD

Big thanks to Olivia Cruscov for trusting us with this lovely happy puppy

Once Upon A Time De Clos De Sea Wind With Gataj

Photo to follow

Thank you To Gilles and Jocelyn Merchant to let us have this beautiful boy

1st MPD London and Provincial Collie Club Ch Show November 2018
LKA December 2018 - 1st PD

Photo to follow
Paignton 3rd MP
Bournemouth 2nd MP
SKC 1st MP and BPB
YCC 2nd MP
Richmond 3rd MP
Wecs 2nd PB
Midland Counties 2PB


We had an amazing day at London Collie on 30 Sept 2018, our puppy Riverside Song Xellent Winner At Gataj, won MPD, BPIP RBOB and BPIS at the tender age of 8.5 months!

Think of Me Prince If Sunlight won JD, Gataj Beau of Surprises won his limit Class, BD, BOB, then BIS!

Beldones Coco Mademoiselle was 2nd in JB and Takhisis Hope and Dreams was 2nd in PGB and RBB!

Grateful thanks goes to judge Derek Brown and Smooth Collie Judge Brian Hull


Our aim at Gataj is to provide a good social foundation which will endeavour to promote a healthy and happy basis for all who enjoy our ‘home’. 

All of our dogs are eye tested and are hip scored.

Woodleigh House,
Manley Lane,
Devon EX16 4PZ

Telephone: 01884 259893
/ 07545968722