I “discovered” and fell in love with Collies after reading my brother’s book called “Lad a dog” and watching Lassie films as a young boy.  However, I had to wait until I was 11 years old to eventually get a dog. She was a Collie cross, who was inevitably called “Lassie”!

She was a very special dog and actually got me started in showing and training.  Lassie regularly won “top” awards at Exemption (now Companion) shows in the non pedigree and obedience classes.

Ever since, I have been trying to find a pedigree Collie to match her excellent qualities. This search led me to develop an interest in more than just the physical appearance of the breed. I spent a lot of time researching the Collie and its history. After reading many books, including those by the late Iris Combe, I corresponded with her and as a result, decided upon my kennel name.  All Rough Collies descend from Trefoil, a working sheepdog from Lough Fea in Northern Ireland who was brought to Ettington Park, Warwickshire, by Mr S E Shirley MP (Collie breeder and Founder of the Kennel Club). In addition, the breed is also inextricably linked with Scotland (“Scotch/Scottish” Collie etc). Therefore I wanted a kennel name to reflect this celtic heritage and so as Gaeldom can relate to both countries, I settled on this as my affix.

However, prior to this in 1987, I purchased a copy of the 1985 edition of the International Collie Handbook which contained an article by Cindy Dorsten, called “Use it or lose it” about Herding Instinct Tests organised by the American Working Collie Association (“AWCA”).

As a result, I spent the next few years corresponding with both Cindy and Linda Rorem, the AWCA’s Herding Co-ordinator. Consequently, I decided to attempt to promote and preserve the Collie’s working abilities by starting a new club solely for this purpose and so the Working Rough & Smooth Collie Association was formed. In 1993 the club was successfully recognised and registered by the Kennel Club, although they insisted on a change of name and so the club is today known as the Rough & Smooth Collie Training Association (“RSCTA”).

One of my earliest Collies was Petra (Nikal Gaelic Madonna by Ch Corydon Handsome Hotspur x Norsdean High Society of Nikal) who was only lightly shown.

Petra had a litter in 1988 and I kept “Sherrie” (Gaeldom Summer Solstice by Ch Karava Kornishman x Nikal Gaelic Madonna). Unfortunately it was not possible to have a litter from her.

I haven’t bred many litters since but have always owned Collies. One of my favourites being Jess (Ingledene She’s Just so at Gaeldom by Int Ch Galahad Vom Haus Rufkopt x Ch Seabound’s She’s All That For Ingledene (Imp Swe) she was a very sociable girl who thought dogs shows were just about meeting up with friends, both human and canine!

Not surprisingly she became a Pets As Therapy dog and gained 2 RSCTA Versatility Awards.

Pictured above is Jess with Poppy (Nikal Absolutely Fabulous) and Chelsea (our Border Collie, Wizaland Border Breakthru for Gaeldom).

Misty (Ingledene Lavender Lace by Ingledene All Nite Long x Ch Ingledene All Dressed in Blue JW) was born in 2014 and we discovered right from an early age that she has quite an instinct for herding!

My current hopeful is a very special young lady from Slovenia, Irresistible Reverie from the Windy Lands for Gaeldom (by Czech Ch Born for Agara and African Gold x Celestial Legend of the Windy Lands). I have to sincerely thank her breeder, Mojca Furlan for letting me have her, particularly since it’s the first time this kennel has exported a dog to the UK, even though there are a lot of Windy Lands Collies winning high awards throughout continental Europe.

At just 8 months old she won Best Puppy in Breed and Reserve Best of Breed under Judge, Mrs Chrissie Pellegrini (Avebury) at Nuneaton & District Canine Society open show. In addition, she is also the “star pupil” in her Bronze Good Citizen training class at Leamington DTC!


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