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Opal was my first rough collie  I took my time and 2 yrs to find the right one..and I truly did find the right one. I had always admired the blue merle and was determined to have one, so when Opal can along I was so happy.

Her breeder, Sue Thomas, was very helpful to me and answered many questions and has remained a good friend. Sue would always call Opal a chilled out collie and I know she was very proud to have bred her, I can only say thanks for letting Opal spend her life with me. Opal loved the shows and was a great show girl she would love being in the ring and she won so many Best Puppy and group placings. She qualified every year for 10 yrs for Crufts, and she was placed 2nd one year and another year was placed 4th again at Crufts.

Opal also had a great time with the daughter of my friend who use to show her mostly in junior handling classes where they both won many times and  they both had a friendship together Opal really enjoyed being around her, and I know that she misses Opal very much. Opal had some funny traits, especially when the attention was given to another dog Opal would go off in a huff and wouldn't come over to you for hours and also she would love to lay on the grooming table and watch the world go by. Opal went to discover dogs many times and was always surrounded by children when she was on the stand there. Opal was loved by many and had her retirement party at crufts when she was 10 yrs old she even had a retirement cake. Opal lived to be 14.5 yrs old, and had never been ill, her last day was spent with her breeder Sue Thomas, she was out in the sun all day she came indoors and lay down and went to sleep. I and many others are richer for having had Opal in our lives, she will always be remembered with love and laughter and for the beautiful soul she was.

Opal my first my everything


Caprioara Sea The Stars
D.O.B. 25 Aug 2013 - 18 April 2014.
CLOUDS (AKA little man)
Where do I begin to put into words just how much this courageous puppy got under my skin, if ever a puppy wanted to live he did...Clouds was one of 7 pups in the litter and he was the same size and weight as the rest...until he was 3 weeks old, he suddenly went down hill and I rushed him to the vet where he received treatment for a few days, it was touch and go but he did come home and he began to improve but he needed round the clock care, so he and I became one he was now only half the size of his siblings but his mum (dreamer) knew he needed help so she gave him lots of extra time with her and extra feeds and lots of licks, his siblings also knew he was different so they would often lie next to him very carefully and when they played with him they were extra careful. Clouds fought on and by the time he was 10 weeks old I knew he was a keeper, I then had to give him a name so as he had nearly died a couple of times I thought sea the stars and pet name 'Clouds' (as he had almost gone to heaven to see the clouds).

I sold some of the litter but retained his brother Ghost, Clouds and Ghost, along with their mother Dreamer, became very close and it was so nice to see the devotiation to Clouds that they had. Clouds went to ringcraft and was a natural he then reached 6 months old and although still a little smaller than most he strutted his stuff at the shows and was placed at each show he did. His last show was at EACA in April he was placed 3rd, he was happy and had a fun day that day, how could I have known that just 4 days later he would be dead. Clouds was ill on the Monday (day after the show) andwas rushed to the vet where he was kept in but sadly had to be put to sleep s as there was nothing that could be done for him. I know I didn't have him long and the heartbreak is still with me many months later (I cant even bear to look at pictures of him) he had a lust for life, he was so loving, so happy, such a beautiful soul, my little man ..........my little Clouds...........my star in heaven
3 weeks old and just back from the vets
The last picture taken of my brave fighter, my little man

Karabet Twist and Shout
D.O.B. 7th sept 1998 - 20th Feb 2014

It is with a sad heart that out golden oldie Maverick has passed away. He was 16.5 yrs old, and was a great character.

He hated kids, he hated other dogs except my blue girl Opal, and he was always moaning Lassie he wasn't, many who knew him often said that it a child was in trouble Maverick would run the other way, but he did have a lovable side to him.

In his younger days I did show him,but he never really liked it so after a while I retired him.We never bred from him and his breeding was Bretton park/Aspera and I have learned that with his death this line is now extinct.

Maverick enjoyed camping and was always unhappy when it was time to go home he often refused to get into the van to go home. In later life he began to struggle to get up and so he used to make a noise like a cuckoo telling us he wanted up.

I bought Mav as a gift for Barry and this was his first dog he actually owned. So to all who knew Mav either from his showing days or from camping or from my home I know that you will miss this character as we do.

Love to you Mav as always...R.I.P. my friend till we meet again ...THE CUCKOO HAS NOW LEFT THE BUILDING

With a very heavy heart, and much sadness, I have to add my Merlin to this 'Fields of Gold' page.

Where do I start.......Merlin was a proper showman, even while waiting to go into the ring, he was showing off. He truly enjoyed being shown and would show for anyone. He had the best movement I have ever seen in a Rough Collie and it was his movement that helped him win so many first places and Best of Breeds. Once he moved around the ring he outshone the movement of others.

Merlin's other passion was for his junior handling partner, Riahannon Todd. She started off handling merlin, and together they were outstanding to watch and both easily com[peted and often won against other breeds. They were together for about 3 years, and in that time they won over 40 places in the Junior Handling and the YKC classes at both Open and Championship Shows. They qualified for the Junior Handling Semi finals at Richmond three times, and Merlin was often qualified for Crufts. here too Riahannon would show him, the love Merlin had for her was often seen by others, and everyone always thought that he was Riahannons dog. I know that, like me, Riahannon is heart broken, and that we are both very lucky to have known and been loved by such a smart, confident and proper showman.

Merlin will always be in my heart, he will always be my 'Merlin', my special wizzard my blue boy, my showman, my love.

Till we meet again..........Rest in peace my little man....



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