The Smooth Collie Club was founded in 1955 and became the Smooth Collie Club of Great Britain in 1960. The first officers and committee numbered amongst them the most famous of Smooth Collie enthusiast of those early days.

The first President was the Rt. Hon the Earl of Northesk; the first Chairman Hubert Farrington; Mrs Leslie took the positions of Secretary and Treasurer. Committee members comprised Mesdames Farrington, Rhys, Robertson, Sawdon and Miss Dundas-Mouat.

The present Officers and Committee are:

President - Mr Trevor Hayward

Vice Presidents - Mrs Pat Lister, Mrs S Clark, Mr A J Foulston, Mrs I. Griffiths, Mrs B. Hayward, Mrs M. Holmes

Chairperson - Mrs Bev White

Vice Chairperson - Vacant

Secretary - Marianne Benton -

Treasurer - Joanne Denton

Show Secretary/Manager - Marianne Benton

Health Co-ordinator - Bev White

Patron - Christine Leach

Marianne Benton (Show Manager)  Simon Burton, Cathy  Howard, Pat Lister, Paula Meacham, Kirsty Russell & Debbie Bell (Trophy and Cup Stewards)