The Scottish Collie Club was founded in 1885 one year before the American Collie Club. 
This makes the Scottish Collie Club the oldest Collie Club in the World.

President  -  Mrs Cathy Proctor (Cathbri)

Vice-President  -  Ms Lyn Maxwell (Aintshe)

Secretary -  Miss Alyson Carmichael (Kilchrenan)

Treasurer  - Esther Hitchcock


Cath Topham, Pat Corney, Garry & Margo Walker, Margaret Szmitz,
Tommy Coutts, Eric and Margaret Babiak, Louise Walker, Jim and Morag McCarte,
Christine Fairgrieve, Robin and Gill Blaikie

Honorary Members
Janette Phillips, Jim Walker, Nancy McCann, Bunty Paterson, Jean Browm, Doris Scott, Eileen Forrest, Crawford Taylor, Chrissie Taylor,