President: Mrs. L. Mitchell

Mrs. R.A. Hollands, Mr. A. Holohan, Mr. C. Lawson,
Mrs. O. Newman, Mr. R.M. Shepherd

Chairperson: Mrs. C. Waterhouse

Secretary: Mr. S. Clark - email:

Acting Treasurer: Mrs C Waterhouse

Show Manager: Mr. R. Cross

Trophy Secretary: Miss M. Wells email:

Health Co-Ordinator: Mrs. J. Margetts

First Aid Officers: Mrs. J. Margetts and Amy Peacock

Fire Liaison/Safety Officer – Mr. R. Cross

Mr. R. Cross, Mrs. S. Hall, Mrs. J. Margetts, Mr R and Mrs L Williams-Smith
Miss J. Sewell, Miss M. Wells, Amy and Linda Peacock

Hon. Life Members
Mrs. A. Speding