Seaweed For Dogs sell a range of seaweed blends and microalgae products aimed at improving dogs health. We sell only natural products and use absolutely no artificial preservatives or additives.

Our products are all natural and easy to use, giving you peace of mind in feeding and using them on your pet. Ourarange of products ionclude Canident, Oculus Prime and Biofunctions 8, and we also have microalgae products that have been grown in Europe.

Canident | For natural dental health Canident, the natural cleaner for dogs dental health, is a blend of three Irish brown seaweeds that have been sustainably harvested, slowly dried and then milled to be used as a feed addition. These seaweeds work systemically to help stop plaque forming, loosen tartar, prevent bad breath and reduce gingival inflammation. Coming with a unique money back guarantee, Canident is excellent in helping to avoid the perils of anaesthetic and the expense that comes with veterinary dental scrapes.

Oculus Prime | Stop Tear Stains at the source Oculus Prime is a blend of Irish brown and red seaweeds, prepared, sourced and used in the same way as Canident. The seaweeds in Oculus Prime have a wide range of vitamins, minerals , trace elements and unique bioactive comnpounds that help to combat the inflammation that creats weeping eyes that feeds tear stains. With many different causes of weeping eyes, ranging from morphological issues to dietary influences, it is not possible for Oculus Priome to tackle all the sources. Due to this Oculus Prime has a money back guarnatee as long as it has been used correctly.

Along with these two seaweed blends Seaweed For Dogs also sells functional meat treats, gut health blends, Kelp blends, natural deflea treatments and microalgae products.

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